The Unreported Dangers of Clause 24

Today, RITA4Rent wish to criticise the Clause 24 changes, not least for the common reasons, but also for those unreported dangers we hope to raise awareness on. Whilst everyone has been focusing on the additional tax that may be payable following the changes to finance costs claims, better known as Clause 24, there is something

The 7 Dangers of a DIY Tax return

This article explores some of the risks of DIY Tax returns and demonstrates how instructing professional property and landlord tax advisors such as RITA4Rent helps you avoid these risks from occurring. Financial Cost Perhaps one of the most common reasons for doing a tax return yourself is not wanting to pay the costs of instructing

Landlord insurance: what level of cover do you need?

The following guest blog is courtesy of RITA4Rent’s Insurance Partners, Endsleigh. Finding appropriate cover for your investment is a key part of being a landlord. When you first started on the property investment route, your lender will have stipulated that you purchase buildings insurance as a condition of your buy-to-let mortgage. Whilst that requirement will