Black Friday offer at the RLA

It’s Black Friday, and for one day only, the Residential Landlords Association are offering 50% off membership and also 50% off selected online training courses. Don’t forget that your RLA membership fee may be claimed on your self assessment tax return, and therefore, for a higher rate taxpayer there would be a further saving, resulting in a

Strategies to combat rising costs

This blog feature has been written by Bamboo Auctions. Over recent months, Bamboo Auctions has been working with a number of organisations as part of a campaign to introduce its landlord members to the benefits of online auctions. We believe that auctions are a highly efficient method of sale, but remain heavily underused. Through technology

RITA4Rent Latest News – Weekly Round Up 13 May 2016

It has been a busy week, and we round up the week’s property news in today’s blog. It feels as if you cannot avoid the EU referendum in the news these days, with the big day only just over a month away now.  Whilst we have been promised a consultation on the Government’s so called

Today only! RLA Membership half price!

It’s Black Friday! Our partners, the RLA, the UK’s fastest growing national association for landlords, are offering all landlords 50% off membership today.   Membership includes: • Unlimited on-demand phone support with the Landlord Advice Team • The best deposit protection rates on the market with DepositGuard • Regular industry updates and bi-monthly magazine subscription

A to Z of Property Tax Expenses for Landlords – C is for Cleaning

Welcome back to the new series of video features, brought to you by RITA4Rent, specialists in landlord and property tax. We continue with the letter C, which is for cleaning.  As a landlord, you will no doubt incur cleaning costs and services for your property. The good news is that this is usually eligible for tax

A to Z of Property Tax Expenses for Landlords – B is for Bank Charges

Welcome back to the series of video features, brought to you by RITA4Rent, specialists in landlord and property tax. We continue with the letter B, which is for bank charges.  In running your property lettings business, should you have a dedicated bank account and incur bank charges from it, you may be able to claim this

The 7 Dangers of a DIY Tax return

This article explores some of the risks of DIY Tax returns and demonstrates how instructing professional property and landlord tax advisors such as RITA4Rent helps you avoid these risks from occurring. Financial Cost Perhaps one of the most common reasons for doing a tax return yourself is not wanting to pay the costs of instructing

Inheritance Tax – FAQs

As Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “In this world, nothing can be certain except death and taxes.” This is a perfect introduction to the world of Inheritance Tax. Our feature explores 5 FAQs giving readers a general grounding in the area.   “So what exactly is inheritance tax? I thought this was just a tax on

Landlord insurance: what level of cover do you need?

The following guest blog is courtesy of RITA4Rent’s Insurance Partners, Endsleigh. Finding appropriate cover for your investment is a key part of being a landlord. When you first started on the property investment route, your lender will have stipulated that you purchase buildings insurance as a condition of your buy-to-let mortgage. Whilst that requirement will

Free Record Keeping Spreadsheet Template – For Property Investors and Landlords

We are delighted to announce that our latest FREE record keeping spreadsheet template is now available.  This is for the 2015/16 tax year. Here at RITA, we strongly recommend all property investors and landlords keep complete and accurate records, and our spreadsheet is a perfect way to achieve this. There are many reasons why accurate