Autumn Statement 2016 – RITA4Rent’s View

Philip Hammond has just delivered his first Autumn Statement, giving us a good idea of the shape of things to come.  RITA4Rent are blogging today with their rough initial thoughts and notes.   A lot of landlords were clinging on to the pipe dream today that Section 24 would be reversed or watered down, especially

RITA4Rent Latest News – Weekly Round Up 13 May 2016

It has been a busy week, and we round up the week’s property news in today’s blog. It feels as if you cannot avoid the EU referendum in the news these days, with the big day only just over a month away now.  Whilst we have been promised a consultation on the Government’s so called

RITA4Rent Latest News – 29 April 2016

Falling house prices dominated a lot of today’s papers, with the Telegraph, Independent, Evening Standard and the Daily Mirror reporting on the latest Land Registry data. Of course, part of this may be attributed to stamp duty changes and market confidence.  The latest Land Registry data for March 2016 has indicated falling house prices in

RITA4Rent Latest News – 28 April 2016

As you are probably no doubt aware, the new stamp duty rules are in force, meaning huge numbers of buy to let investors will face an additional 3% surcharge on their purchases.  This is the latest in a vast array of measures introduced by the government, attacking landlords and property investors.  It follows the changes

Stamp Duty Changes

Announced at the Autumn Statement, big changes were announced to Stamp Duty Land Tax. It has been reported that 98% of buyers would benefit from the changes, which came into effect yesterday, 4th December 2014. The announcement added that those who had exchanged on 3rd December or earlier, yet completed the purchase on 4th December

Capital Gains Tax on ALL property sales?

It has been reported today by Property Industry Eye that Kate Barker, formerly of the Bank of England, has made a bold statement within her upcoming book release.  Her feeling is that capital gains tax should be charged not just on investment property and second homes, but also private home sales. Essentially, CGT is a tax

Tax Credits Online Launch

So, you can now renew you tax credits online, as reported by HMRC today. Let’s hope it’s an improvement over the Real Time Information (RTI) fiasco!