Big Increase In Tax Collected under HMRC Let Property Campaign

We have recently reported that the HMRC Let Property Campaign was set to intensify, and this has been recently proved by the latest results from HM Revenue and Customs. As at 30th October 2014, just £7.8m had been recouped, but just three months later, as at 31st January 2015, this figure has significantly risen to

A Reminder – LESA

Today RITA4Rent, property tax specialists, are blogging with a brief reminder that the Landlord’s Energy Savings Allowance is nearing the end, and the costs must be incurred before 1 April 2015. You may be able claim up to £1,500 per property, and thus, if you hold a number of properties with relevant expenditure, then the

Clergy Tax

Tax affects thousands upon thousands of Ministers of Religion, and our guest blog today is provided by clergy tax specialists – Holdings Ecclesiastical Ltd – trading as Clergy Tax EU – contact details being – Email, Website:  Clergy Advice Line: 0844 4145 120.  Given the sheer number of Ministers who also let investment property, to

Let Property Campaign Client Testimonial February 2015

Here at RITA4Rent, we recently received a very kind testimonial, from a client we assisted from beginning to end with regards the HMRC Let Property Campaign. As well as guiding our client through the entire process from notification right through to final disclosure, we also generated excellent tax savings. Our client has kindly allowed us

HMRC Let Property Campaign – Recent Successes

As expected, the HMRC Let Property Campaign intensified further in January 2015, with a substantial number of letters being sent to both unsuspecting landlords and property investors, as well as those hoping they could slip under the radar. With the campaign set to last another 4-5 years, the message is clear from HM Revenue and

Be Afraid! An HMRC Raid To Recover The Unpaid!

With the HMRC Let Property Campaign continuing to intensify, so too are the localised HMRC “taskforces” who will stop at nothing to recover the tax it knows is owed to them. Landlord Zone today reported that two men in East London have been arrested, on suspicion of capital gains tax fraud. The Property Sales Campaign

Christmas 2014 Opening Hours

As another festive season approaches, we confirm our Christmas 2014 opening hours as follows: 19th December 2014 – 09:00 to 12:00 20th and 21st December 2014 – Closed at weekends 22nd December 2014 – 9:00 to 17:00 23rd December 2014 – 9:00 to 12:00 24th December 2014 – Closed 25th December 2014 – Closed 26th

Happy Christmas From HMRC!

The Let Property Campaign shows no sign of relenting, and it has come to our attention today (5th December 2014) that H M Revenue and Customs are to send out another two batches of letters to landlords; one somewhat smaller batch before Christmas, but then one HUGE batch of many thousands just after the festive period.

Stamp Duty Changes

Announced at the Autumn Statement, big changes were announced to Stamp Duty Land Tax. It has been reported that 98% of buyers would benefit from the changes, which came into effect yesterday, 4th December 2014. The announcement added that those who had exchanged on 3rd December or earlier, yet completed the purchase on 4th December

HMRC Let Property Campaign – A Testimonial

As landlord and property tax specialists, RITA4Rent are always delighted to receive feedback on our services to clients.  We have been heavily involved in assisting clients with the Let Property Campaign since HMRC launched this over a year ago. We have an extremely high success rate with Let Property Campaign cases, and one of our clients,