HMRC Disclosure Form DO2 Delays

Given the sheer volume of letters being sent out by HMRC with regards the Let Property Campaign, we understand that HMRC are struggling to cope with the demand, and there are now serious delays in every stage of the process. Disclosure forms (DO2) originally were taking approximately between 4 and 12 weeks to be accepted,

Capital Gains Tax on ALL property sales?

It has been reported today by Property Industry Eye that Kate Barker, formerly of the Bank of England, has made a bold statement within her upcoming book release.  Her feeling is that capital gains tax should be charged not just on investment property and second homes, but also private home sales. Essentially, CGT is a tax

Form 17

Today’s blog explores Form 17 declarations and the tax treatment of jointly held property of married couples and civil partnerships. There are potential tax planning opportunities where one spouse or civil partner pays tax at the higher rate, and the other does not, and therefore it can be of benefit to have the allocation of rental

Tax breaks for landlords…and penalties

A recent report published by the Chartered Institute of Housing and the Resolution Foundation, which RITA4Rent provided input as acknowledged, recommends a reviewed set of minimum standards, with regulation ensuring that “accredited” landlords benefit from more favourable tax breaks, whilst those “unaccredited” suffering as a result.  The full report is available to read here. Simply Business reported on

Let Property Campaign Letter

Today RITA4Rent are blogging about the HMRC Let Property Campaign letter (referred to as AI or A1 letter) which is currently being sent out to thousands of landlords with undeclared rental profits.  The letters have been drafted, and the send-out is being staggered over several months.  If you are a landlord with undeclared rental income,

Landlords Named and Shamed

The HMRC Let Property Campaign continues to intensify, and whilst tranch after tranch of letters go out to landlords with undeclared rental profits, HMRC have named and shamed a number of landlords on their website.  It serves as a reminder that HMRC will do everything in their power to recoup the tax it is owed on

Let Property Campaign AI Letter and Penalty

As specialist landlord and property tax advisors, RITA4Rent have been frequently asked how the penalties are affected, if you need to report your past undeclared rental income and expenditure under the Let Property Campaign, after receiving the prompted letter from HMRC.  As shown in one of our previous blogs, these letters referred to by our clients

Let Property Campaign – New Website Launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website, solely dedicated to the HMRC Let Property Campaign.  To view the website, please click here.  We have been providing tax advice and assistance to clients for many years with past campaigns, and have also been working with clients on this latest campaign, the Let


We are delighted to release our third tip in this series, relating to the HMRC Let Property Campaign. Our popular series has arisen at a current time, as we understand that as at 31 July 2014, around 100,000 letters have now been sent to landlords and property investors who have not declared rental income to


Today sees the release of our second tax tip, relating to the HMRC Let Property Campaign, as HMRC seek to retrieve unpaid tax on undeclared letting income from landlords and property investors.  To see tip 1, please visit here, and for further relevant reading on our blog relating to this campaign, please see here.  Our