Landlord Tax Tip #4: How to delay paying tax at 40%

Today we launch Landlord Tax Tip  number 4, which explores a simple mechanism.  This shows how you can delay paying tax at the higher rate of 40%. The example in the video below, explains the effect of making an additional AVC pension contribution to ensure that more of your taxable income is exposed to the

Let Property Campaign – Tip No. 1

We have regularly posted blogs regarding the HMRC Let Property Campaign, such as our post here and here.   These blogs explored the various developments, along with examples of the letters being sent out.  To assist our readers, today sees our first tip, relating to the HMRC Let Property Campaign.  The first tip is to

Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance

Landlord tax advisors RITA4Rent blog today on the Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance.  This is video tax tip number 3 in our series, and please see below for the video. Landlords Energy Savings Allowance (LESA) is an invaluable tax saving which can be claimed for by landlords against their rental income, allowing an offset of up

Let Property Campaign

The Let Property Campaign is well under way, with HMRC  increasingly sending out more and more letters, targeting landlords with undeclared rental income as they strive to recoup as much unpaid tax as possible.  Our blog last week showed an example of the letters which are currently being sent out, prompting landlords to register under

My Wife Wants A Brazilian, again…

In part 2 of our World Cup property and landlord tax blog – My Wife Wants A Brazilian – we explore the final countries who make up the final 4 quarter final places and how they relate to the property tax system. Part 1 is available on the Property Tribes    Argentina   Hmmm, Argentina. 

Tax Credits Online Launch

So, you can now renew you tax credits online, as reported by HMRC today. Let’s hope it’s an improvement over the Real Time Information (RTI) fiasco!

Landlord Tax Tip #2: How to carry over your rental income losses

Landlord Tax Tip #2: How to carry over your rental income losses

Free Membership – Residential Landlords Association

As their sole recommended tax advisors, we show our blog readers how using us both can provide free membership of the Residential Landlords Association.From just £79.95, you can join the Residential Landlords Association, and become part of a community of over 17,000 landlords. Members receive an array of benefits, as well as an invaluable telephone advice

RITA and the Property Tribes

You will find significant value in reading the views and news, over at our partners, the Property Tribes, the UK’s busiest landlord and investor community.  You will also find us on the Tax Tribe offering tax guidance and support to PT members.  And it’s free too !

Let Property Campaign letters sent out by HMRC – The Second Wave

The HMRC Let Property Campaign is here to stay, and the next wave of letters have just been posted to around 40,000 landlords who have not declared their rental income. Have you received a letter like this? Scary isn’t it! Rest assured, we have dealt with countless Let Property Campaign cases, and as landlord tax specialists,